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Association for the development and the spread of the scientific culture in the
veterinary profession

Statute and Certifications

UNISVET meets the qualifications required by the Ministry of Health to be considered a nationally relevant scientific association. It has been included in the list of scientific and technical-scientific associations of the health professions, in implementation of Articolo 5 of Legge 8 Marzo 2017, n. 24 (Legge Gelli) and Decreto ministeriale 2 agosto 2017. 

UNISVET Management Quality System complies with the standard ISO 9001:2015. Unisvet is FEDERCONGRESSI&EVENTI member, ECM and SPC provider and, since 2018, RACE provider.

UNISVET is accredited by the Regione Lombardia with registration number 1275 of 22/12/2021.