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Course Regulations

1.1 This contract is concluded between Byblis Medical Conference s.r.l. (hereinafter called BMC), the company in charge of managing the organization and implementation of Unisvet's events, and the course participant

2.1 BMC will organize courses, study days and master classes at the scheduled places and times, with the necessary teaching aids and technical support as well as qualified instructors.

3.1 For organizational reasons and at its own complete discretion, Unisvet reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course start date, notifying the interested parties via email at the addresses indicated in the registration sheet, up to five days before the anticipated course start date.
3.2 If the course is canceled, registration fees will be refunded within 30 days after said notice is sent. No other form of compensation and/or refund will be permitted for any costs, charges, expenses and/or losses the course participant incurs as a result of cancellation of the event.
3.3 BMC also reserves the right to change course schedules, times, and places, to change programs, although without altering their content, and to replace instructors with others of equal prestige, after sending an email notification to all course participants involved.
3.4 BMC will also have the power to provide all or some course lessons online, through a suitable platform, again after an email notice to all interested course participants. If courses are provided online, in accordance with what is described in the privacy disclosure,( participation times will be monitored for purposes of awarding any Continuing Professional Education/Continuing Medical Education credits associated with the event.

4.1 All communications between BMC and the course participant will be through the email address the course participant provides at the time of registration. The telephone number the course participant provides at the time of registration will be used solely for urgent messages.

5.1 To access the final exam and receive the attestation and/or certificate of competencies, the course participant must not be absent for more than 20% (twenty percent) of total course hours, and payments must be up to date. When envisaged, lessons will be either mixed or remote. If a final exam is included, it will consist of written multiple choice questions, the presentation and discussion of a written report, or simulations or exercises that the instructors organize on a time by time basis, providing the related information to the course participants.

6.1 Although the course program involves multiple days/modules, it must be considered a single, non-divisible unit. Consequently, any course withdrawals, including when the course is underway, will not give the right to a refund of any sums already paid and will not discharge the course participant from their obligation to pay the entire contractual sum.
6.2 If a person who registers for a course fails to attend it for any reason, they will not have the right to a refund of any sums paid for the relative registration and participation, and in all cases these sums will be due in full.
6.3 Out of respect for colleagues who cannot participate in free events due to lack of available space, if a person registered for a free event fails to give notice that they will be absent within 5 business days before the event, they may not participate in future free events for a period of 24 months.

7.1 Failure to make even one single payment within 7 days after it is due will result in suspension from the course until payments are brought up to date. The total amount due for the course will still be payable.

8.1 Access to the platform
Access to the platform in distance learning of Unisvet property for the ones who are registered is possible only with personal credentials, which identify the user uniquely in the online platform.
The registered member is responsible for his/her own account, and he/she can’t give the personal credentials to third parties. In case of abuses and/or unauthorized accesses to the account, the registered member must communicate it to the Unisvet secretary, who will disable the account immediately.
Any abuse or improper use of the platform will cause the suspension of the service, without no right to any type of refund.
The user must verify, before registration, that the computer and/or the device he/she is going to use to access has got the minimum system requirements better indicated below.
The user can access to the platform only with two devices of his/her choice, that can be modified every 30 days in the personal area.
8.2 Use of the on-demand courses
Videos of the purchased online courses will be available on the platform for 12 months from the date of purchase. BMC can make the use of free courses available to the registered members in its sole discretion; in this specific case the length of the usage will be at sole discretion of BMC.
The fast-forward function of the video will not be available until the complete content viewing of the same video. At every user’s progress a checkpoint will be inserted so that the portions of the course already seen will be saved. Should the user log-out from the website, the system will allow to start viewing the video from the last checkpoint reached.
8.3 Use of the live courses
The use mode and the software for the participation to the courses will be defined from time to time by BMC through the scientific program available online and/or direct communications to the participants.
8.4 SPC credits achievement and calculation
For the sole purpose of achieving the training credits, video courses must be viewed fully at least one time during the period indicated in the cover page of every single course. In accordance with the privacy policy provided (, the times for using the video lessons will be controlled in order to assign the SPC credits (training credits valid only for Italy). At the end of the complete view of the course, the system will save the credits indicated in the dedicated cover page, provided that the user inserted the correct tax code at the moment of registration to Unisvet; however, in accordance to FNOVI regulations, the request of accreditation of the courses can be made and sent only at the end of the period of validity of the single courses better indicated in the previous paragraph.
The confirmation of the video completion is shown through a green check in the dedicated page.
8.5 System requirements
The website works with the main browsers available and with the active support given by their parent companies, especially:
- Google Chrome: the browser is automatically updated and today the major stable version is the 80
- Mozilla Firefox: the browser is automatically updated and today the major stable version is the 74
- Internet Explorer: the minimum version supported for this website is IE11
- Microsoft Edge: the browser is automatically updated and today the major stable version is the 80
- Opera: the browser is automatically updated and today the major stable version is the 66
- Safari: the browser is automatically updated and today the major stable version is the 13
It is important also that the JavaScript interpreter and the cookie of the browser are enabled.
The documents that can be uploaded and downloaded from the website are mainly in PDF, XLS (and similar: XSLX, CSV), DOC (and similar: DOCX, ODT) formats. The first format is interpreted correctly by Adobe Acrobat Reader, while for the other two formats is recommended to use MS Office (from the 2007 SP2 version). Most of the elaboration of the contents is performed by the user computer: consequently, recent devices (with a modern CPU, RAM, adequate audio/video cards) and a fast internet connection will offer better performances.
Screen resolutions with width more than 1050px or less than 768px offer an optimal viewing of the contents.

9.1 With the signing of these Regulations, the user takes note that any information, video, photo, data or document potentially available through the platform for the participation to the course, are exclusive property of BMC and/or third parties and declares that will refrain consequently from every form of publication, translation, elaboration, reproduction, diffusion and/or distribution, in whole or in part, of the above-mentioned material through means of distribution including, but not limited to, stamp, Internet, sound support and/or audiovisual tools of any type, electronic support, digital support, e-learning platforms, Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, or analogous tools or similar to the ones above-mentioned.

10.1 By accepting this regulation, the User expressly declares that they have read the privacy disclosure(( are aware that certain purposes indicated therein may involve the disclosure of their personal data to other parties.

In conformity with the articles 1341 e 1342 c.c. the user declares that he/she read fully the contractual conditions identified in these articles and approved integrally the following terms: 3.1 (Cancellation of the course); 3.3 (Changes in the program); 3.4 (Possible online delivery of the course); 6. (Unity of the program – waivers and absence of right to refunds); 7. (delayed payment - suspension of the course); 8.2 (Use of the on-demand courses).