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Association for the development and the spread of the scientific culture in the
veterinary profession

The origins

UNISVET (Italian Union of Veterinary Societies) was born on September 10, 2004 from the merge of the Milanese Veterinary Club, the Sicilian Veterinary Club, ANVO (National Veterinary Association for Ophthalmology) and various regional delegations.

Unisvet is a non-profit association aiming at lifelong education, training and professional qualification.

Scientific Culture

Unisvet si avvale dell’utilizzo di tutti i canali informativi disponibili per la crescita e la diffusione della cultura scientifica veterinaria organizzando Congressi, Seminari, Corsi teorici e pratici, Accademie Certificate QUALTA® e Master Universitari, nel rispetto più rigoroso dei più alti standard di qualità e serietà scientifica.

Il Comitato Scientifico è l’organo garante per la qualità scientifica degli eventi formativi di UNISVET ed è composto, nella quasi sua totalità, da Diplomati Americani ed Europei.

The Board

The Board of Directors, the highest representative statutory body, is elected every 4 years by the Shareholders' Meeting. Unisvet is present throughout Italy to meet the needs of different geographic realities and to obtain impulses and stimuli from colleagues from all over Italy.


Targets of Unisvet shareholders:
  • increase and improve the training offer
  • acquire greater competitiveness within the educational and cultural landscape
  • obtain impulses and stimuli from all regions of Italy
  • satisfy the needs of different geographical areas
  • work with an increasing number of high-level international speakers
  • make training activities available to distant colleagues
  • add leisure and aggregation initiatives for free time

Innovation and Growth

It is with great pleasure that UNISVET announces the foundation in 2020 of the Veterinary Dietology Group GDIVET.The main purpose of the group is to provide the Veterinarian with a continuing high-level medical education in Animal Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.

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