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1 - Events Regulation

Can I come to the event with my dog?
Yes, animals are always welcome, if educated and on a leash. However, we ask you to contact our office in advance as, in order not to disturb other participants, there is a maximum number of animals accepted in our classrooms. We also kindly ask you to ensure that they do not disturb the lessons and do not let them dirty the common areas.
If I work in the healthcare but I'm not a veterinarian, Can I participate in your events?

Yes, subscription to UNISVET is allowed to those who are in possession of a degree provided by a faculty of veterinary medicine or healthcare. However, we recommend contacting our office for more information about the event.

If I have paid for a event but for personal reasons I can no longer participate, is it possible a colleague attends in my place or to be refunded?

No, your subsciption can not be transferred, and the subscription fee is non-refundable. For more information, please visit the Course Regulations section.

Is it possible to request changes to the program time table?

No, times are predetermined and changes for organizational reasons are not permitted.

If I can't participate in the event I'm enrolled in, can I attend the lessons online?

At the moment this option is not available, but we are working on it! Despite this, you will still receive the event material.

Will extra expenses (e.g. plane and hotel) be refunded if the event is canceled?

No, if the event is not held, UNISVET will refund only the amounts paid for subscription. For more information, please visit the Couse Regulations section.

2 - Subscription, payment and billing

How much is the fee?

The subscription fee, and any concessions, is specified in the Subscription Fee section of the page dedicated to the event and in the downloadable pdf program.

Where do I find the payment information?

Payment details are specified in the Information section.

Can I split the payment?

Payment methods are specified in the Subscription Fee section of the event page, in the downloadable pdf program and during subscription. If there are no installments, the payment cannot be divided into installments.

How do I change my receipt information?

Your receipt information can be changed in your user area. If they are different from your personal information, you can change them when you sign up for the course before payment. Please note that once you have completed your course enrollment, you will no longer be able to edit this data.

Subscriptions of the event are limited. Is it possible to subscribe?

If registration is open, you can still complete your subscription. If it is sold out, you can enter your name on the waiting list to be contacted in case of any cancellations.

I subscribed to an event, I have not yet paid the fee and I would like to cancel my subscription. It's possible?

Yes, in case of incomplete subscriptions and free events, you can cancel your participation through your personal area.

How do I subscribe to an event?

Subscriptions are reserved for UNISVET members. In order to participate in our events you must first complete membership form (no fee is required) at this link. The go on the event page and select "subscribe."

Can I gift an event?

Yes, but the participant must be a UNISVET member. For further information please contact our office.

Any student discount?

Information on any concessions are specified in the Subscription Fee section of the page dedicated to the event and in the downloadable pdf program.

I would need a list of all the events I attended and the related certificates and receipts.

Given the continuous updating of the IT systems and the new privacy rules, it is not possible to access the complete history of all events. However, it is possible to receive details of events attended in the last 12 months contacting directly our office.

Why is my subscription not yet confirmed, even if I have already paid for it?

In case of payment by bank transfer we kindly ask you to send a copy of the payment to If payment is made by Credit Card or Paypal we ask you to contact our office, having with you a document that certifies the payment.

I haven't received any text message, am I subscribed?

If, after 3 working days from the payment (and from the sending of the related payment copy in case of a bank transfer), the confirmation text message has not arrived yet, contact our office, having with you a document that certifies the payment.

I'm subscribed to an event but cannot find the program.

In your personal area you will find all the events you have subscribed to, with links to the related web pages where you will find the program.

3 - UNISVET subscription

I completed the UNISVET subscription form but I never received the activation email, how do I sign up?

If the email is not present even in the junk box, contact our office.

How do I renew my annual membership?

UNISVET membership is free and does not require annual renewal.

How do I unsubscribe from UNISVET membership?

You can send this request by registered mail to: UNISVET Unione Italiana Società Veterinarie - Via Salvator Rosa 14 - 20156 Milan, Italy, or via PEC to

What can I do if I don't receive the calendar of events?

By going to your personal area, you can accept the newsletter privacy policy. We remind you that UNISVET does NOT communicate your personal data to third parties and that the newsletter is the best way to stay updated on upcoming events.

Do you provide me food if I am celiac/vegan/vegetarian?

In your personal area you have the possibility to indicate any particular dietary needs. However, we ask you to communicate them to our office when subscribing to an event. Remember that non-contamination is NOT guaranteed.

4 - HQ

What is the fastest way to get to your headquarters?

Under the "UNISVET Venue" you will find all the information on how to reach and where to park.

Where is the event venue?

In the Information section on the web page of the event you will find adress and directions to reach the venue.

5 - Sponsor

How do I access my sponsor area?

You can access your personal area by going to the dedicated page and entering your company credentials. In case you do not have the credentials yet, please fill in the form in the Access Area.

Can I gift an event to a client of mine?

Yes, please contact us for more details.

I'm a sponsor, where can I find the information for the shipment of the material?

We invite you to contact our office for details regarding the shipping / collection of the material.