Unione Italiana Società Veterinarie

Elisa Silvia Colombo

Psicologa e Psicoterapeuta

Elisa Silvia Colombo is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist.
After graduating cum laude from the University of Milan-Bicocca, she earned a Ph.D. degree in Psychobiology from University of Milan, studying empathy toward non-human animals, expecially in the field of veterinary medicine. Working with vets, she developed an increasing interest in human-animal bond and veterinary profession, exploring aspects such as pet loss, vet-client communication, work-related stress, burnout and compassion fatigue. She then specialized in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy at the Strategic Therapy Center in Arezzo.
She is author and co-author of peer-rewied pubblications and she has been invited as a speaker in several national and international events.